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Kelly's Book Log: The Sinking: One Woman’s True Story of Survival at Sea by Deborah Scaling Kiley

You had to understand that the ocean is like a snarling dog; it can sense when you are afraid.

--Deborah Scaling Kiley

I learned about this book and its' author while at the San Miguel de Allende Writer’s Conference #SMWC2024. She is someone I met in passing years before, who has since passed, and so the book was that much more poignant. I read it in 36 hours, staying up half the night, unable to put it down, it was so gripping. It's a story of hubris, too much alcohol, optimism and shoddy preparation colliding with scary bad luck and a hurricane. But it was a fascinating tale and unforgettable. It was also made into a TV movie, titled: Two Came Back. R.I.P Deborah.

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