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Kelly's Book Log: Feeling the Shoulder of the Lion by Rumi

Remember what the soul wants,

because in that, eternity

is wanting our souls!--Rumi

I love synchronicity. I have always wanted to read the famous Sufi poet Rumi but didn’t know where to start, then I found a collection at a friend’s place in Mexico. I read one or two a night and meditated on them. They often left me in awe. Rattling around in my subconscious for hours. Although written a gazillion years ago, the Afghan born Jalaluddin Rumi (1207-1273), wrote poems on power and love that still resonate, in fact he is now one of the best-selling poets in the west. Then two weeks ago I was standing in line at a book event and got the urge to talk to this tall, elegant woman in front of me. She told me her name was Ayeda Husain and she’s the author of the Sufi Tarot Cards, and she teaches Rumi. I was thrilled. She shared with me that Rumi channelled most of his poetry, which might explain their universal and enduring beauty. I think Rumi is a perfect choice for April's poetry month. I’m reading a poem a day this month. If not reading, then writing a poem. How about you?


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