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womens' work: Isolating with the Enemy? #GivingTuesdayNow

CBC radio did a great broadcast last week about the mental health challenges of quarantining, particularly for women in abusive or toxic situations. During the pandemic, helpline calls have gone up around the world and there is talk of a “shadow epidemic” or “the pandemic within the pandemic.” For the vulnerable, COVID-19 isolation can be hell. I am flooded with gratitude for my current situation, isolating with someone I trust and love and generally get along with. There is nothing worse than cohabitating and/or depending upon people who are addicted, toxic, and verbally, psychologically or physically abusive. The amount of stress and fear that would provoke, let alone the stress it would put upon one’s immune system is terrifying. Dealing with angry, toxic people, in short bullies, has been a theme in my life. One of the most helpful things someone once told me was, that other people’s rage is not my business. Ragers blame their anger on their victims. They dump and scapegoat. It was so important for my own healing to see that behaviour for what it was. And to know it really had nothing to do with me, no matter how astute the rager’s comments, or how self-righteous their claims. Bullying is bullying NMW. Abuse is abuse. I didn’t have to feel guilty, responsible or take it on in any way. That freed me to reach out for help. My heart goes out to those trapped in such situations now. Below are some links. One to Interval House of Hamilton. Their 24-hour crisis hotline is: 905.387.8881. If you want to make a donation to help women and children fleeing violence on #GivingTuesdayNow follow the link below..


Here’s a link to the CBC radio program with its suggested resources.

East coast activist, Jeanne Sarson, has also written an excellent blog—re: Halifax rampage—

on this topic. Here’s a link to that too:

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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