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womenswork: EFT

There’s a fantastic practitioner in Guelph, Ontario named Susan Bushell who uses EFT with trauma survivors. EFT for those who don’t know, stands for emotional freedom technique. I’ve also heard it described as psychological acupuncture and it’s a form of energy medicine. Based on Chinese medicine’s energy meridians, a form of medicine that is five thousand years old, one taps on the acupressure points on the meridians of the body, while repeating personal setup statements, and the action of tapping while loving and accepting one’s truth has the phenomenal effect of releasing old phobias, false beliefs and limiting attitudes. It’s quite miraculous for those who have tried it and practitioners say it has an efficacy that many talk therapies do not. I have found it incredibly powerful for releasing long held phobias. Although for deep issues its recommended that you work with someone first, you can also learn some techniques to use to destress yourself. Susan is also a skilled and compassionate practitioner, who trains other practitioners. She has courses coming up.

Check out her newsletter and website at:

There’s also an app for that! Beginners can give EFT a try at Jessica Ortners free anti-anxiety tapping meditation site at I keep it on my phone.

Be well.


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