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Kelly's Book Log: SAVE THE DATE!!! The Weeping Degree: How Astrology Saved Me From Suicide, will be published on Amazon August 21, 2024

FYI, Book Lovers:

I have a new book coming out this summer, my Amazon Pub Date is August 21, 2024. But YOU DON'T NEED TO DO ANYTHING! This is just a heads up. My publicity mentor wants me to ask everyone to wait and purchase the book on August 21. So this is just a reminder. If you want to help me, you can send me an email with a W in the subject heading, and I"ll put you on the waiting list. Or you can do nothing! It's summer after all. I'll let you know when the time is right to take action. Below is a description of my book, and a few quotes about what people are saying about it... 

Astrology and mysticism provide hope in The Weeping Degree: How Astrology Saved Me From Suicide – a raw and gritty new collection of poetry and prose by award-winning poet and author Kelly Watt. 


From its opening pages, Kelly Watt’s gritty poems reveal the biography of a trauma, following the ripple effect of childhood abandonment and sexual abuse as it echoes throughout the author’s life, slowly transforming through time from a wound to a gift. Inspired by the author's own chart, and individual astrological signatures, Watt turns to astrology and Buddhism to make sense of her experiences. Divided into three riveting sections: The Home for Little GirlsThe Buddha and The Pink Futon, and Hands Across the World, this book travels the world, from the silent shadows of foster care in a bleak Scarborough suburb, to the light and sound of Sanskrit chanting in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Nepal. 

Written for poetry lovers, spiritual seekers, astrology aficionados and mental health advocates alike, this collection will take you on a wild ride, where poetry is a sacred alchemical art; a destination where our deepest sorrows are transmuted through imagination and creativity to self-empowerment and joy. 

Praise for The Weeping Degree:


What do dead girls need in the afterlife? They need the poems of Kelly Watt so that the daffodils will return to run rampant over the ground with their crazy yellow hope.

--Paul Lisson, poet and editor of HAL, Hamilton Arts & Letters Magazine. 


Kelly Watt has taken the darkest, most horrifying moments of her young life and made them into a groundbreaking work of beautiful words. The Weeping Degree is more than a triumph of poetic virtuosity; it is a testament to Watt’s moral courage, her tenacity, and to her faith in the ability to heal.

 –Ruth Edgett, author, blogger, reviewer.

Don't forget, if you're curious about my book, hit REPLY with a W in the subject heading and I'll put you on the waiting list. Thank you so much again for taking time out of your busy day to read!



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