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Kelly's Book Log: Hamilton Arts and Letters Magazine: Home and Place Issue 17.2.1. Edited by Paul Lisson and Fiona Kinsella

Because trees are tricky. As are lifetimes. Trickier than you’d think. 

--John Terpstra

I’ve decided to take a departure from reviewing books this week to toot my own horn, so that I can toot the horn of others at the same time. HA&L is a brilliant online arts magazine, and magazines get too little love these days. I’m privileged to have work in the spring poetry issue—four poems from my chapbook, The Weeping Degree: How Astrology Saved Me From Suicide, which was a finalist in the San Miguel @poetrymesa and Wild Rising Press contest January 2023. The full manuscript will be published this summer.

But I want to draw your attention to something else—the amazing lineup of talent in HAL. The list is too long to publish here, but it just made me aware of how many gifted artists and writers there are in the area. I’ve been enjoying dipping in and out of it all week long. The essay by John Terpstra, A Carpentry of Wood and Words took my breath away. The artwork by Maureen Paxton is stunning. And there’s an amazing list of poets: Darrell Epp, Evelyna Ekoko-Kay, Halyna Koba, Catherine Carmichael, Kushal Poddar, Sedona Micale, B.P. McGee, not to mention Alan Lord’s Postcards from Banff made me laugh out loud. HA&L is described as n ongoing activist project, a collective of artists and writers dedicated to making art outside of the mainstream. It’s been around since 2008. A yearly membership is only $25 bucks. I say, support your local geniuses. They make the city beautiful!

Check it out:


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