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Kelly's Book Log: Dazzling Wobble by Judyth Hill

When it comes to reading, I like to double or triple dip. I read one non-fiction book, one fiction, and one poetry all at once. I start my writing day by reading a poem. This week I’m rereading a poetry book by my teacher and mentor Judyth Hill. Judyth single handedly revived my love of poetry. I am biased, but Dazzling Wobble is a wonderful, dizzying roller coaster of a book. The sheer vivacity and enthusiasm of Judyth’s poems vaults them into another stratosphere of writing altogether. These poems are at turns sensual, vivid, playful, sorrowful, and sexy. And above all fun!

Fave lines: “I have said your name in seven languages, 3 of them extinct.

I know your favourite colour, the fragrance of your body after a night

of love..."

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