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Kelly’s B(ook) Log--West With Giraffes by Lynda Rutledge

From the author Lynda Rutledge’s notes: Jon Mooallem suggested how we feel about an animal dramatically influences its future survival. In his words: “Storytelling matters

I loved this novel. It takes place during the depression and is the story of a young man who ferries two giraffes, who have just survived a hurricane at sea, (true story) across the U.S. in a truck. It’s historical feel-good fiction at its best and comes with all this cool stuff about giraffes and wild life, the sixth extinction and zoos at the end. It’s a love letter to those tall gangly long-necked creatures with brown apples for eyes. I felt like a better person for reading it. #fridayreads #sixthextinction #westwithgiraffes #bookstagram #amreading

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