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  • Kelly Watt

Kelly's B(ook) Log - Rereading My Brilliant Friend

My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante. It's Mercury Retrograde, time to revize, redo, and revisit so I am rereading Elena Ferrante. I'm surprised by how engaging the series is a second time around. I'm also appreciating this time, not so much, how literary it is, how much about the life of the mind, the writing life, and what it means to carve a life for yourself as a modern woman, but what a page turner it is! Ferrante is a pro at keeping us entertained. The relationship between the two friends has more twists than licorice. And is just as yummy. She's just so brilliant! I love these two competitive, lifelong ambivalent friends and their struggle to transcend the violent, misogynistic world they are born into together. There are too many great quotes, so I've stuck with this one: “No one understood us, only we two…”

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